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Wake Up, to Makeup

The alarm sounds. It jolts you out of a deep sleep. It’s early, and you hastily hit your phone to quiet the ring. You pause for a few moments, rub your eyes and quickly, and you are reminded that today’s the day to do something different, something indulgent and dare I say, provocative.

You quietly ease out of bed and go straight for some coffee. You’re going to want to be wide awake for this adventurous day. You grab a small bite and throw on something comfy.

“Where my bags”? you mumble. “Do I have everything”?

“Ugh, I forgot to grab my black heels,” and back up the stairs you’ll go. And hey why not, it’s cardio.

After packing up the car, sometimes secretly, you make your way to Lawrenceville. You’ve got your parking spot. Don’t forget to pay the meter. “What’s my license plate again”, you grumble to yourself and gaze back at the car. You pile the weights of your bags on your shoulders and start strutting on in.

This is where we take over. This is where your nerves or hesitations can melt away. You’re definitely going to laugh, you may even hear some as you’re opening the door. The sounds of Krystyn’s genuine giggle, Bossi’s sassy one-liners, or even my random voices. We are your team and completely dedicated to making you feel at home from the moment you walk in. The atmosphere is industrial and dazzling, fun music is playing, and you take in all the beauty of Studio Flash.  You are our star today, so welcome to your set.

You made it! Now, sit down in the makeup chair to start your glamorous, celebrity-style transformation. This chair, is my world, what I live for, so sit back, relax, and soak up the attention.

I’ll start with a “get to know you” chat as well as what you have envisioned for yourself. Mainly, how you’ve been picturing your look ever since booking this shoot. I will take into account, what style of accessories you brought, features, and your overall comfort level of makeup. Some ladies may have a few ideas, and others won’t have any. Either way, not to fear, you’re going to look and feel great.

Your skin will be prepped, brows perfected, and pout polished with the perfect lip! Every feature and detail of your face will be sculpted to show off your natural beauty! Only today, is a little extra special. So we will add the lashes with a dash of sex appeal! After we’re all done, the big reveal! From a stylist standpoint, this is my favorite part! I love being able to see the nerves wash away and the excitement increase in the reflection of our beautifully lit mirror. Once I get the OK, the setting spray will finalize your makeup experience!

As your makeup artist for your shoot, my goals are for you to feel glamorous, confident, and special, because you are, and I am so thankful to be part of your glam squad!

XOXO, Danielle

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